I got this little gem years ago at a yard-sale. The man who sold it to me bought it in Japan when he and his wife were on their honeymoon (early 1960’s??). According to gentleman you soak it in water for a few days then set it on a plate. Soon it starts to pee. Wha?!

I got him home, and soaked him. The pottery is very very thin. It’s unglazed but high-fired and barely still porous. There is a tiny hole right where it should be.

Eventially “drippy” soaked up enough water to be about 1/2 full.

I put him on a plate. He blew a couple of bubbles and then just puddled a bit.

I gave him the best amateur prostate screening I could manage and it seems that the seam along his crotch is cracked. So he was dripping from there.

Lousy photo – sorry.

Has anyone out there ever see one of these? I’m interested in a couple of things. 

Can you still get things like this? If so, put me down for half-a dozen.

What were/are they called?

How does it work?- something to do with evaporation, most likely. This little bugger must be a distant cousin of the dunking bird and that goofy terra-cotta wine cooling sleeve.

Would surgery (glue) work?

 COMING SOON…Japanese “Fertility” Sake Set.