I don’t have a Shino tea bowl. I have always wanted one. This picture isnt a good example of Shino, it isnt even a teabowl, but its the closest I have at the moment. 

Shino is a fussy glaze. It’s hard to apply perfectly. Skips, pinholes, iron spots, odd cracking are all par for the course. This fussyness is the best aspect of shino glaze.  

Shino is often paired with with another Japanese glaze…Oribe. Oribe is everything that shino isn’t. Shino is opaque, white and sometimes clumpy. Oribe is pine green and looks like shiny green ink.

My little bowl is Oribe, but the white glaze on the bottom, painted with iron oxide details, is Shino glaze.

When describing this sort of pottery the Oribe glaze usually wins out. 


One Response to “About”

  1. Charlie Says:

    I like your writing style..keep on posting, whether drafts or “finalized”

    PS: I like your uke posts..

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