back from beyond…

September 20, 2011

to all loyal listeners…if any…I’m back.

Basically life got in the way a bit. long story.

I got momentarily sidetracked by social media – but I have come to the conclusion that social media  isn’t a good fit because I am too long-winded and dont read emails 493 times a day.

The bottom line is the I’m going to be moving house soon. This is a bit of a horrorshow for me. Biggest issue is that I have been in a duplex with a basement and back yard for 15 years.  So what? Well…I have had 15 years to accumulate stuff (I really like stuff).

Problem is that I have a LOT of stuff.

Apartments which my wife and I can afford at the moment (a moment of diminished circumstances)  sort of frown on band saws in the living room.  I’m pretty sure they have little interest in me running the compressor for the airbrush during Dancing With the Stars either.

Bottom bottom line is that we are out of our frigging minds trying to find a place which will have room for all this stuff, but you cant fight reality. Its looking like the WOODWORKING (capital “W”) stuff is going to end up on hold.

So bottom bottom bottom line is that things might get a bit introspective.

I still love wood and have some great apartment-sized wood ideas (hide the children!)

Please stay tuned.


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