My Grandfather’s ID Button

September 30, 2007

id badge 

This is my grandfathers old employee id badge. The precursor to the barcoded, magnetic striped, RFID spiffyness that we use today to keep enemy agents or whathaveyou out of our workplaces.

The height of security technology – back then – appears to have been a Button Magic machine and a mugshot camera. Those were the days.

The tag is probably from the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. Possibly a wartime thing? My grandfather worked as a tool and die maker in Aurora IL for most of his life.

He was also a league bowler and member of the Elks? Moose? Whatever the club name, it was a social club with a Friday Fish-Fry and keg-beer. Thats the part that I really remember as a kid.

My father got his dad’s badge when he was cleaning out my grandfathers stuff after he passed. Supposedly my aunt gave away all my grandfathers bowling stuff. Half a century of jackets, shirts, trophies etc. –a closet full. 

The badge is still a great momento, and a lot more portable than a closet full of bowling trophies.

This is the smiliest picture I have of my grandfather. I think he liked his job. Maybe they took the ID photos on payday? Bottom line is that he looks a lot smilier in this badge than I remember him.


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