Louis A. Gaspar Ukulele Copy – Finally Done

September 21, 2007

louis gaspar copy body 

I should probably append this to the previous post about building this ukulele, but I’m still not used to the way that Wordpress postings are displayed. My mind is still working in website mode rather than blog mode.

Anyway…if you have any interest in Louis A. Gaspar ukuleles or if you own a Louis A. Gaspar uke or just don’t have anything better to do,  take a quick look at my other postings. I made a category to contain all things Louis A. Gaspar – its all right there.

My Gapsar copy is finished…Finally. It came out pretty well. Not really a perfect copy of my original Gapsar uke, but it certainly captures the flavor of the Gaspar uke.

It is a nice loud uke and has good sustain.  It is actually quite a bit louder than any of the ukes that I have made before. Rings nicely – OK its a damn nice uke if I do say so myself. I am getting better at this.

I used Martin strings on this one. I usually don’t care for Martin strings. They are just too heavy for my taste. Especially the C string. Maybe the monster strings are real boomers? 

I am already working on another Gaspar pattern uke. The second will be either mahogany with dichromate stain – or not. Probably with a little more gingerbread than the true Gaspar. Hopefully this uke will go a little more smoothly. I think I can avoid most of the rookie screwups that made the prototype so time consuming.

The upcoming uke will be Spanish neck construction. I may build in a little back angle into the neck to help tighten up the action a bit. Again, not sure.

Meanwhile…check out the first three pics of my Louis A. Gaspar copy!

loius gaspar copy head


louis gaspar copy back


2 Responses to “Louis A. Gaspar Ukulele Copy – Finally Done”

  1. Woodshed Says:

    Great job. It looks fantastic.

    How about a sound clip?

  2. shinoteabowl Says:

    Thanks for the note. Great idea! Sound clip on the way. My work life is really busy at the moment. Suddenly I have a big backlog on unedited/unpublished blog entries. Lots of new stuff on the way – keep looking!

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